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Welcome to Toss and Saute. Here I show interesting and healthy food prepared with exotic ingredients. Cooking and anything on food always inspires me and attest to the fact that there’s nothing more delightful than cooking and sharing. Cooking is quiet an adventure for me ever since I was a child.

Professional training on cooking is something that I’m not keen on, although this does not stop me from watching TV shows on famous chefs like Jamie Oliver, Anthony Bourdain, Roger Mooking etc. I enjoy every form of art that is put into making those beautiful food shows like how those chefs effortlessly slice those those onions and play around the kitchen.

I have shared some of the recipes here, and I would want to adventure more recipes from other members located in any corner of the world. So please share your recipes plus pictures that you click.

Apart from the recipes I have also added a space for foodie’s to share what they adventure in a restaurant, or exotic ingredient or any other food photography.

Welcome again to Toss and Saute and welcome to the world of crazy love for food in its purest form.