Meet the owners

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Nothing brings friends and family together like a great food, and Abirami and Tulsi are honored to be a part of making this happen.

Toss and Saute was formerly a food blogging outlet. Now Toss and Saute has evolved into a full service catering company to create prepacked food boxes, create menus and activities to fit customer’s taste and budget.

Chef-Owner Abirami is inspired to produce authentic and creative interpretations of any recipe, and depends on uncompromising fresh ingredients to make every customer happy.

I became interested in culinary world at an early age, and taught myself to cook without setting my foot in culinary school. I grew up in the kitchen with my kitchen loving parents who would always “cook up a storm”. Since early years, I cooked meals for my friends, for house parties and loved entertaining my guests with the food I cooked for them.

I set up a small scale baking business to cater to the needs of health conscious mothers who would ask for healthy versions of loafs, pizzas, cupcakes, donuts, cakes, cookies, brownies etc.

A turning point for me was to cater a birthday party with full course meal starting from appetizer to desserts. This allowed me to monetize my passion to create a path of success.  I love the idea of customising meal plans for my clients, getting their feedback and make sure they get the best value for their money.

Chef-Owner Tarana is inspired by good food and shopping. She possesses extreme passion for food and always has.

I must say catering is my passion , and I love every aspect of it. I never compromise flavours and was always particular about the way a dish is made.

I love to plan and execute events and that’s how I turned my passion for setting up a catering business. It is a partnership between two passionate food enthusiasts, with mutual appreciation of the joy we get from giving clients more than what they expect.


We strive to change ordinary catering into extraordinary delectable culinary delights to satisfy every customer. Our dishes are wholesome and fresh and possibly creative with vibrant presentations.