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We have flexible food service options to suit social and corporate events.

– Party 2 Go menu ( Snacks combo suitable kids parties, birthday parties, outdoor events etc.)

– Special event menu – Can be customised from our list of offerings. Or even suggest new items that our chefs are well trained to take up new/gourmet dishes.

– Food Craft Activity – Apart from providing regular snack/meal options we also organise activity sessions ideal for kids parties like

* Donut Decorating sessions
* Sandwich Craft
* Cupcake Decorating sessions
* Fruit Fondue
* Fruits and Vegetables Craft
* Fruit Pizza Session
and many more
– Live Counters – We also set up complete live counters to serve food piping hot and fresh to delight our customers. Counters that we are currently offering are

* Pav Bhaaji Bar
* Chaats Bar
* Taco Bar
* Subs Bar
* Burrito Bar
* Salad Bar
* Pasta Bar

Food Serving Options- We currently function in 3 models

1. Meal / Snack Box delivery
2. Live Counter Set up
3. Buffet Option